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The Isle Of Wight Daily News syndicates everything from breaking news, travel news, the latest weather updates as well as updates covering business, leisure, education, health, technology and politics.

We will also be featuring more general stories as well as hashtags that are currently trending on Twitter such as #ISLEOfWIGHT, #IOW, #IWNews and #IW (for example).  In addition, we have a pictures section that pulls in Tweeted images that have been tagged locally.

The content is sourced from all the leading local news publishers as well as national and international press agencies when they cover a story relating to the Isle Of Wight.  We aggregate and syndicate this content so visitors to our online newspaper (you) have the latest relevant news and information in the form of a 'round-up'.

All content sources are correctly cited and referenced according to current online publishing best practices.  Usually, only a headline, snippet (paragraph) and, where applicable, a picture is published all linked to the original source article as well as correctly crediting the original source.

If you are a content producer such as a local news source (as opposed to an aggregator of syndicated content like us) and find your content featured on the Isle Of Wight Daily News please be aware that this has a beneficial effect for your digital brand.  This is due to your website and its content being linked to from a regularly updated and relevant online publication.  In addition, you may also achieve some 'social amplification' if your content makes it into one of our daily top stories promoted via our social media channels.

Please note that this local online newspaper has just been 'soft-launched' so please bear with us whilst we monitor for any problems and 'iron out any creases'.  With this in mind please feel free to email any comments, questions and suggestions to us. Soon we will be adding a 'discussion corner' directly on the newspaper so you can contribute via your preferred commenting platform (eg Facebook comments etc).

We have noticed that sometimes when there's a big story, such as the recent local election results, the story can dominate the newspaper.  Whilst this can be good for gauging how relevant and important this news is for the local community it can also be at the expense of the papers editorial diversity.  We will continually be 'tweaking' the settings and monitoring the results so with time, we can continually improve the quality of the Isle of Wight Daily News.

If you feel like there are important news sources not being included please feel free to recommend them to us and we will consider them for future inclusion. Please note that we can only consider sources that publish timely news relating to the Isle Of Wight on a very regular basis. Some of the primary IOW news websites we share stories from are listed below, in case you would like to visit them directly:

The Isle Of Wight County Press: http://www.iwcp.co.uk

On The Wight (previously known as the Ventnor Blog): http://onthewight.com

Isle Of Wight Radio: http://iwradio.co.uk

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